My brief biography

I have more than (20) years of experience in construction, maintenance and processing in the
Manufacturing, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Commercial, Transportation, and Multi-family industries. My
well rounded exposure to these various Industries has provided me with a unique ability for achieving
a “Zero Incident workplace”.

I started earning money regularly at the age 10, mowing lawns, raking leaves, washing 18 wheelers for
John Kraig Excavation and Trucking. At age 12 my father started a trucking company that he, my
brother and I maintained the entire fleet of 12 trucks and trailers, where I learned about mechanics,
DOT, and Shop Safety.

By the age of 14 I had began working for various employers in retail, automotive shops, etc. After
school and weekends, at 16 I was hired hourly to build a 2 bdrm home by a handicapped gentleman,
whom couldn't physically help, but taught me to read prints and improvise to overcome the lack of

At 17 I was self supporting, working in a machine shop and for the county as a Animal control Officer.
Seeking better pay, at 19 I began working as a laborer in construction, then various crafts such as Iron
working, Pipe fitting, Boiler making, heavy equipment operation and Safety and Health where having
found a passion and a natural fit, I quickly moved to supervision and eventually executive leadership.

Having joined the National Guard at 22 as an Combat Engineer (fancy word for taking fire while hand
building bridges), I grew a lot, learned Discipline, Overcoming Obstacles, Leadership, and the value of

After release from Desert Storm I attended night College while working 12hr shifts in refinery and
manufacturing within both the maintenance and construction divisions.

Although this is somewhat brief, my intent is to demonstrate how I obtained my ability to understand
and relate to both Executives and laborers alike.

Having worked in so many crafts I not only understand the hazards first hand, but also the workers
perspective and managements barriers.

I believe this to be my greatest strength when engineering QA/QC, Safety, Health, and Environmental
Randall Wilson
Some of my credentials

Occupational Health and Safety Technologies from San Jacinto College Deer Park, Texas, and many certifications:

Authorized OSHA Construction Trainer                Behavior Science Tech Instructor
CSST certification (500 hrs)                                  OSHA 10, 30, and 500 hr courses
Excavation Competent Person / Instructor            Process Safety Management
Scaffold Competent Person /Instructor                 Safety Supervisors certificate
Safety Program Management                                Respirator Training Instructor
Total Quality Management                                     Equipment operator and trainer
Storm Water Inspection                                                and many more…..
Safety Outsource
Services L.L.C.
I would like to thank you for the services you have recently provided. Do to your
quick response time, attention to detail, and competitive pricing, we have been
able to provide the required documentation and professional expertise our
clients have demanded and are currently being considered for future like
projects.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to teaming with you on future
                                              Respectfully, Gerald Hernandez