My mission as your consultant:

Our mission is simply to add value to your company, ease your compliance burden, and help you
become successful and profitable. We do this by carrying the load and freeing you to focus your
attention on Marketing and Business Development.

We are committed to your success and use a "Continuous Improvement Process" to obtain it.
What you should know:

There are many Consultant companies, what sets us apart is our straight forward, thoroughly
honest, and "Simple Solution" approach to obtaining your objectives.

We take your success and our reputation seriously. We are not a consulting company that hands out
great reports because you pay us, we hand out great reports when your staff earns them.

We partner with firms that want to be the best and improve their company performance and profits.

This is only obtainable through Truthful, Careful, and Professional evaluation, and that is our
commitment to you!!
How we will work together:

Depending on the scope of work and level of involvement you select.

The First step:                 Is for us to understand your company's Goals, Objectives, and Core Values.
The Second Step:           We partner with you and thoroughly evaluate your companies current
The Third Step:               We recommend a plan and based on your acceptance we work that plan.

It's that easy to get started.
Take advantage of our FREE Initial phone consultation!
Randall Wilson
Safety Outsource
Services L.L.C.
I would like to let you know how much Safety Outsource Services has helped
us with our safety program. With your inspections, class room training and
personal attention you have brought my employees and company up to a better
awareness of hazards and safe practices on the job site.
I look forward to our continuing relationship.    Doug Torrey
                                                                Townhaven Construction LLC
                                                                Dallas, TX.